Here’s how you can avoid grinding at work everyday until you’re 65:

(by letting your money work for you, not the other way around)

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→ What kind of 9-5 employee succeeds in partial or full retirement when they want to? 

→ What kind of employee has their money hard at work 24/7?

→ Who’s happy with only two weeks vacation a year?

You guessed it, none.

As you advance in your career, your responsibilities increase exponentially. You no longer have the luxury to step out when the clock strikes five. If anything, it’s after five that you have to do your work because you have meeting commitments during the day. Time might not be on your side here, but you keep powering through because you like what you do. It gives you meaning.

But so does doing what fills your soul with joy! Things such as giving your time to your family instead of your job. Or maybe traveling. Or getting outside, reading or relaxing after working so hard for so long.

Let me ask you THIS 👇

Are you living life on your own terms?

😎 Do you aspire to live life on your own terms? Do you want to control your life rather than the other way around?

Won't you want a better plan?

🚀 But why not YOU also enjoy the money you work so restlessly for whilst you’re still able to do exciting things? 

Planning on retiring at 60+?

😄 If you continue to work like this, you’ll probably be able to retire at a legal age of 60+. That means, leaving your company with a good amount of money in the bag to enjoy it during old age. Is this your life’s mission?

💰The world’s economy is becoming more unstable. Wealthy people are constantly wondering where to put their money at work for them.


You don’t have access to great deals that allow you to live life as you want to, so you’re still stuck.

You want to let go of the accumulated stress and fatigue, but you’re not too sure how to do that.

You’re feeling so tired running around like a rat in a race that doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

You don’t know how to escape this situation. Let alone have time to find options.

Your challenge now is to be able to quit and make money work for you.


It seems that there aren’t easy solutions to find or to trust to get you out of work whilst still young.

With the uncertainty of the crypto market, you don’t feel safe investing in it.

You might have invested in REITs, but found that they don’t make good returns.

You’ve seen some success using these tactics. But, they’re NOT consistently bringing you results that you’re happy with. This puts you in an endless circle of working non-stop to make money. And that's instead of using your time more intelligently and beautifully. It's time to break the circle.


✔️ Experiencing sleeping as much as needed instead of waking up very early in the morning!

✔️Feeling immense relief knowing that your money is making you more money whilst you do what you love!

✔️Getting a great sense of excitement knowing that you can now live life to the fullest.

✔️Feeling FREE!

You’ve seen others partially retire or retire completely when it suited them. But you simply can’t do that yourself… YET. Well, this is where I come in. You don’t need to be a master at real estate or spend time on this at all. 


I’m so confident that my tactics work to help you partially retire or retire completely. I also invest my own money alongside yours. Plus, when you invest, you are a direct owner of the fund, which directly owns all the property. You get property and liability insurance on all properties. Plus, life insurance on any of the key sponsors in the deals.

We keep ample cash reserves, lines of credit and my company provides a line of credit to the fund as well. I’m Zander. After I retired from the US Army, I have spent a decade working in all aspects of real estate development, construction and finance. I have commercial development experience in high rises, industrial subdivisions and retail across the Hawaiian Islands.

I knew I was great at investments when I did a 76% ROI - equivalent to a 26% AAR on a project.

I knew I was doing a great job for my clients when they trust me with their money as my work is making them even more. 

I knew that I was onto something when I developed my company from the ground up. I also hired other skilled investors to serve our clients further.


(and to be insured as well!)


You’re direct owner of the fund, so you know exactly which property belongs to you 

You get full transparency to where your money is invested

You can 100% trust what I do as I invest alongside you 

You get property insurance. Your investment is protected from potential perils (theft, natural damage or fire)

You also get liability insurance. You’re shielded from legal claims and potential financial losses.

You You get life insurance. How does it work? Most people don’t know this, but you borrow against your cash value. The difference is what makes this interesting and useful. Your cash value is still growing even while you are borrowing against it to invest in real estate.

(and get all these benefits!)

I’m inviting you to a no strings attached chat. That's a great way for you to understand how I operate and if this is something for you.

Your time is now and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you.

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